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• IPC compliant design

• Dedicated experienced engineer

• Designs optimised for manufacturing (DfM)

• Working closely with you on your requirements

Prima can support you with your Printed Circuit Board (PCB) layout design requirements. Our engineering team is ready to work with you on producing high quality PCB designs, using the latest version Altium Designer/Altium 365/Concord Pro platform. Drawing on a deep understanding of thermal management, electro-magnetic interference, and electronic component placement, we make certain that your boards are fully optimised for manufacturing.

As part of this service Prima will provide you with:

• An experienced PCB engineer exclusively dedicated to your project

• Expertly engineered PCB CAD layout including design for manufacture

• Designs using IPC compliant symbols and footprints

• RoHS compliant designs

• A full 3D visualisation, including multi-board assemblies and mechanical parts imported from your designs

• Production assembly drawing documents

• All files required for PCB manufacture and Bill of Materials (BOM) for costing and procurement

• Support for rigid and rigid-flex boards, impedance matching, and differential pairs

• Signal integrity analysis on critical signal paths

• Modification of existing Altium designs.

• A secure online portal for you to review the design using just a web browser.

• Multi-layer boards, split ground planes, differential pairs, high speed rules – customer specified

• Routing per trace/space, keep-out, and clearance rules specified by customer.


A typical PCB layout design project will involve three key steps to meet your specifications:

1.Schematic Entry:

We work closely with you to convert your existing circuit design, be it a CAD system file or even a simple sketch/drawing, into a complete Altium schematic file. The new schematic will consider connection classes such as power, voltage, high speed, impedance and will include all the component symbols with pinouts and connections. The schematic will then be ready for customer review and approval.

2.PCB Layout:

From the schematic we will proceed to generating a PCB design with the required shape and construction considering the number of layers, the copper weights, track widths, PCB thickness, voltage, current, impedance and any other requirements. A combination of Altium’s inbuilt features, and our own experience of PCB layout and manufacture, are used to calculate all these factors into the design.

3.Generation of Files:

Our layout designs are produced using the latest version of Altium, which allows us to generate all the necessary files required for the fabrication and assembly of your PCB. We will provide you with a complete project directory, including Gerber files, NC Drill files, assembly drawings, 3D models, production drawings, reports, Pick & Place files and a Bill of Materials.

Layout for RF designs - given customer defining PCB material, stackup and impedance constraints

High Speed Backplane and Mid-plane Designs

• Support Micro BGA, Micro via, Blind & Buried Vias, Backdrilling

• Surface mount technology (SMT), through-hole designs or mixed methods

• 3D Multiboard assembly option if more than 1 board involved in the assembly

• DFT audit, test point placement, test probe clearance, testability report – based on customer specifications

Additional capabilities

Information required to design your PCB layout:

• Circuit schematic/net list*

• Bill of Materials with manufacturers’ part numbers

• Board dimensions drawing or DXF model file

• Positions of key components, e.g. connectors, holes and mechanical constraints.

Also, it would be preferred that you confirm the following features if possible, however Prima can determine these if necessary:


•99SE DDB Files (*.DDB)

•Allegro Design Files (*.brd, *.alg)

•CADSTAR Designs and Libraries (*.CSA, *.CPA, *.LIB).

•CircuitMaker 2000 Schematics and Libraries Files (*.CKT, *.LIB)

•DxDesigner Designs and Libraries Files

•EAGLE Projects and Designs (*.SCH, *.BRD, *.LBR).

•Mentor Expedition Designs and Libraries (*.PCB, *.LIB)

•Orcad Designs and Libraries Files (*.DSN, *.MAX, *.OLB, *.LLB)

•Orcad CIS Configuration Files and Libraries (*.DBC, *.OLB, *.LLB)

•PADS ASCII Design and Library Files (*.ASC, *.D, *.TXT, *.C, *.P)

•Orcad and PADS Designs and Libraries Files (*.DSN, *.OLB, *.ASC, *.D)

•P-CAD Designs and Libraries Files (*.SCH, *.PCB, *.LIA, *.LIB)

• Finish

• Board thickness

• Stack up

• Power requirements

* Preferred schematic formats:

• Materials

• Solder resist

Certifications and Memberships

Your Design. Expertly Built.

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