Inspection and Test

Prima uses optical and X-ray based systems to thoroughly inspect your boards, so that any defects can be identified. We are able to ensure your boards comply with IPC Level 3 standards, which are applicable for medical devices. Our technical team can also program and test your boards to a supplied specification, using a variety of in-house or customer supplied equipment.

Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI)

All the PCBAs we produce for you will go through an extensive AOI procedure to check solder joints, look for skewed or tombstoning parts, as well as uncovering orientation issues and solder bridges. Optical character recognition work can also be carried out. Any corrective actions required are immediately made offline and checked prior to release. All images taken are stored for a one year period (or longer if specified) and can be traced using the unique serial number code on each individual board.

X-Ray Inspection

Since optical and electrical tests cannot identify all board fault conditions, we also carry out inspection with a Nordson Ruby X-ray machine (with X-Plane tilt facility). This 360° inspection will reveal hidden problems - including bond wires inside devices, co-planarity issues with BGAs, plating variation of the vias or micro-vias. It can also be used to measure inner layer track widths within PCBs.

Functional Test

At Prima we offer a flexible functional test service that attends to a variety of different testing methods. As we serve multiple industry sectors, we have valuable knowhow with regard to different technologies for various applications - from RF to digital systems. We support on and off board programming capabilities, JTAG and XJTAG boundary scan, automated testing and have a large collection of test equipment at our disposal. We are open to the use of either internal and customer supplied equipment (which we can maintain and calibrate on behalf of our customers).

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